The Butterfly effect

So I heard this song by Nas …it’s called Everything.

The words are-

šŸŽ¶If I had everything, everything
I could change anything
If I changed anything, I mean anything
I would change everythingšŸŽ¶

I listened to the verse in passing with a friend and just mumbled…that’s deep.

I later in my own quiet time, you know that time where all stops and you are forced to be at one with yourself. I thought back to the earlier moment chillin…sitting back not really capturing life…just surface level thoughts. I replayed those words over and over in my mind until THAT was all my inside voice could hear.

I downloaded it to my phone and continued listening. These words became envisions, the envisions turned into what’s if ….and then I realized I somehow found some emotions in my pocket and decided to pull them out and use them.

I took the time to really marinate on those words. Several situations, circumstances ….and people came to mind. I rearranged entities, locations and conversions.

Now, I have been through some things….alot…more than anyone will probably ever know, but in my mental monologue, I came to the conclusion I still wouldn’t change anything…because of the chance of changing EVERYTHING.

I would not be prepared to be at the mercy of the butterfly effect and couldn’t stand the thought of certain important factors no longer being part of my life as it is now.

One may always say I wish this wouldn’t have happened or I regret this….even stillI believe I have come to the point that I applaud every experience for it was a lesson learned. And if ever I felt I have repeated a few of these lectures sent by God, it’s my own fault because I was too dense to learn the first time.

So I except this life , specially crafted and unique to me. I am thankful for all the bumps and bruises dips and turns.

As always, enjoy your week.

~Kitty D šŸ¦‹šŸ¦‹~

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5 thoughts on “The Butterfly effect

  1. Well said.Love the way you articulated .Thank you and I take this opportunity to nominate for a 3 day lyric challenge.No hurry.You can take your own time and post your Favourite songs,lyrics or poetry.

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  2. This one is deep. If you have everything and can do anything…… you change everything. Are you changing everything in the sense of EVERYTHING? Or does it imply something deeper because only God has everything, and because God can do anything, He should change everything.
    Of course if we change something, we wouldn’t be where we are at today.

    Must mean that you are happy in your life. I’m happy for you. Genuinely.

    This just might be my favorite post of yours yet.

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    1. Thank you. šŸ˜Š The implication is that if you change one thing , you serve the chance of changing everything of the life that you know. We have no clue the little things going on behind the scenes. Like a car cuts you off. Irritatedly you honk your horn but have no clue that that could of been Gods way of intercepting someone bad happening….you never know

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