Silence is golden

They stay smiles are contagious. However for some reason if you are smiling more than the onlookers around you can handle that is not comfortable for them.

I make it a habit not to make my personal life open for public appearances for several reasons.

Rule #1 to this philosophy is it is frankly nobody’s business.

#2 If it’s bad there’s not really much that EVERYBODY can do so it just leads to unnecessary whispering for the masses to shu shu about.

#3 Most people couldn’t give a flying flip.

Rule #4 and probably most important….noone TRULY wants you to be happier than they are.

I’ve tried this out with people who are close and people I don’t even have close dealings with. They profess to be happy for you and congratulate but eventually envy sinks in and they begin to shoot slugs in your life raft and wonder later why you start to sink.

They imply nay-say’s or what ifs to create doubt into your mind as if it affects them one way or another…these being the same ones on the bleachers that appear to be cheering you on from a far.

After a while, they don’t want to hear you have the perfect relationship, you just landed that corner office or that your kids are not the devil incarnate. They don’t want to hear about the sweet gestures or the romantic gets aways.

I never understood that and probably never will but as a general principle, I have learned to not to be as happy around those who cannot relate at that particular time.

As sad as it is some of my best moments end up privied to those I experienced it with.

I could have the crappiest day or the most amazing….most will never know the difference.

I just hit them with a simple “nothing special but I had a good weekend”. You wouldn’t understand and too much to express….No details no explanation.

It makes life simpler and cuts out the haters.

Plus….there’s nothing wrong with a little privacy with only a few invited to the real show šŸ˜‰.

Hope my words helped your day.

As always..have a great week ~Kitty D šŸ¦‹šŸ¦‹~

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3 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. Great post.Loved every sentence.I really canā€™t understand the human psychology as to why one feels elated when someone else is suffering,and even tell,they deserve suffering.The other way…. if you are happy for some reason,others try to disappoint or depress you with their comments and behaviour .I think the culprit is ā€˜envyā€™,the situation has reached absurd level,better do not express happiness in a crowd,rather keep it to yourself.Thanks for the enlightenment.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful words. Unfortunately this is the world we live in and everyone seems to have a crab mentality. It can only get worse so we then become desensitized. Sadly.

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