Day 2: 3 day Lyric challenge

My sincere thanks to philosophy by photography for nominating me for a ‘3 day Lyric Challenge’

For day 2 of this 3 day Lyric challenge, I want share a song that gives me so much life.

Took me a while to come across it but I have been in love every since. Her sentiments to me are kind of like all the normal ways of expressing my feelings for you are taken and I want a way that is just special for you.

I would climb inside a red balloon floating towards the noon, for you
I would fly across the midnight sky, the stars and the moon, for you too
And on that flight I devise a new way to say how much I love you
Tippy tah, sight ah tay, Im still working on it babe please forgive me
I think I’d try, how bout jahraymecofasola
How bout jahraymecofasola
How bout jahraymecofasola
How bout jahraymecofasola

On my way I realized I didn’t have a gift for you
So I racked my mind on what it is now that I am supposed to do
Then it hit me I guessed the love in the air hugged rain before it falls down
Put infinity into a melody and see how it sounds

Sounds like, jahraymecofasola
Sounds like jahraymecofasola
Sounds like jahraymecofasola

Almost there now, just a million miles to go
And still I can contain how you make me glow, oh you make me glow
People look up at me and ooouuuuh they think that I’m a star
But it’s all because the love you give to me it made me who I are

And it sounds like… sounds like…Jahraymecofasola

Sounds like Jahraymecofasola

Sounds like Jahraymecofasola

To day my nominees to this challenge are:


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.

3. Nominate at least three other bloggers each day.

Have fun 🦋 Kitty D 🦋

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