Claim it

When you rewind through history sometimes we catch ourselves zoning out envisioning what we thought life would be. We get stuck and fixated on what the world around us has drawn as happiness.

I freeze frame the past and recall all the shoulda coulda wouldas and focus on what they weren’t.

I can blame my parents but what good would that do. I could blame my surroundings growing up but I have graduated from that stage so that cannot be the case.

I could even take the time that I wasted on people that were just…not as honest as they said they were but I play as much a part in that for having faith in an imperfect human.

At the end of the day, the common denominator is….me. So anything I haven’t become, haven’t accomplished or haven’t obtained in my past…it’s on me.

So what does that mean.

That simply means to take the future by the horns, ride it until the soles get burnt out and even still….keep pushing forward.

I am the only one that I can look plum in the face when it’s all said and done point the finger and say it’s your fault.

Anything other than that is a cop out and an escape tactic. So…time to be selfish and not to the effect of not caring about anyone else. My personality couldn’t allow me to entertain those thoughts.

It just simply means outside of anything or anybody, my happiness is most important.

~Kitty D ~ šŸ¦‹

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2 thoughts on “Claim it

  1. I am so proud of you


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