And the credit goes to…

So in every journey you set out to, you will hopefully have people that are in your corner pushing and routing you on.

One of my anchors of support has come from a dear friend of mine who is also a fellow blogger. Here is where you can find his page Darren.

I met Darren about 13 years ago at a local lounge we used to go to. We would have poetry sets there on Thursdays I think….so long ago…man. Time flies.

So I associated him as a poet. Now I know what you’re saying…noone is just a poet. As time went on I learned he was a great dancer as well. Our common ground originally was that we both were raised in the Bay Area of California, him from San Jose. But there is so much more to him. This helped me to understand that if you only know someone surface level, you don’t really know them.

See in this time, he was battling with his own demons, which led him into a journey of sobriety.

He came the conclusion that he valued what he had to offer life than the person he was under the influence.

He’s been able to hush his demons by outweighing the bad with good. He’s dedicated himself to fitness, several body building competitions and training others. Outside of that you would think that is all one would have time to contribute to. Nope.

He still finds the time to juggle his time towards be an Associate Minister,writer and has been a hairdresser for the past 20 years known as Darren the “Hair Pro”. I went by one of his shops some time ago and was impressed to find he was really good and had been holding down his spot for 15 years.

With all of those things on your plate, who could find time to go against one’s journey. Well…he is also in the makings of ministering 4 small future impressionists. Yes….he is the fulltime single father of 4 little ones. 3 princesses and a little prince.

After getting to know this man, I have definitely been humbled to bite my tongue anytime that I go to make excuses as to why I can’t accomplish anything Ive set my mind to.

He has undoubtedly not wavered from his faith. He puts God in control of his struggles and leans on him.

I may not be ready to share my whole testimony, especially since it is still in the works….I still believe there is more to this happily ever after. Cheesy I know. But when I recall my testimony, I will always remember Darren being a force to assist me in finding my talents all from what started as a…have you every tried journaling.

The rest is history …

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3 thoughts on “And the credit goes to…

  1. My face hurts from smiling.

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  2. Keep your mind to find… congratulations on the next voyage of the starship Enterprise…


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